Hey There!

I'm Matt Reed!

Welcome to my simple site where you can learn a bit more about me.

What I Do

These days I am super fortunate to be a thought leader and lead software engineering consultant in our nation's capital city: Washington DC . I always enjoy discovering the ways our everyday philosophies meld with technology. I thrive by maintaining healthy lifestyle habits like good nutrition, daily exercise, and mindfulness meditation.

Top Values and Topics of Conversation: Openness to Experience, Consciousness, Sustainability, Honor, Response Inhibition, Honesty, Autonomy, Metacongnition


Who I Am

In 2014 I graduated from Bucknell University with my B.S. in Computer Engineering. Since then, I have had growing opportunities to assist both government and private-sector clients with building out their various web applications' underlying services/infrastructure. It has been my pleasure to work with many other smart individuals under a couple of fantastic, small consulting firms during this time: Ventera Corporation and Ippon Technologies USA.


What I Like

While Liz and I really enjoy cooking together, we also love DC's restaurant scene. We often treat each other to surprise date-night reservations. And the music around here is wonderful too. As musicians ourselves, we appreciate the many venues for live performances like the John F. Kennedy Center (where this photo was taken)! She is a lyric soprano singer while I casually dabble in five instruments: piano, guitar, bass guitar, ukelele, and trombone. If you play too, let's jam together sometime!


How I Stay Fit

Daily exercise is not just good for the body and mind, it is also great for the soul! There are no greater feelings than conquering a spectacular run on the National Mall, clambering over boulders on the Billy Goat trails of Great Falls, or whizzing down Rock Creek's Beach Dr. It takes just one look at my Strava heatmap to know I like to get out there and stay active.


My Interactions

While it is not often possible for me to showcase what I contribute work-wise, here are some ways I interact with the world .

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